There are currently slots available on Monday and Wednesday evenings and on Saturdays between 11.10 and 1.20.


Please also get in touch if you would like to reserve a place for lessons in January, when demand for tuition increases due to gcse and A Level examinations.

Please email Beth at bethlyttonhethr@aol.com

Contact Beth now......


Dyslexia Tuition: £35 per hour in Tutor's home, £40 per hour in student's home.

One-to-one Tuition: £30 per hour in Tutor's home, £35 per hour in student's home.

Pay for 6 lessons in advance (not including holidays) for £27/32 per hour (non-refundable)

Small groups of students (up to 4) at £40/45 per session.

Online Tuition: £30 per hour