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Students' Testimonials

Thank you so much!  I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made!  I’m beginning to enjoy a subject I’ve not always liked. Sam, GCSE Student, 2017

Thank you so much for all your help.  My PI wouldn’t have been half as good without you and our language analysis work.  Luke, Pre-U student, 2017

Thank you so much for everything you have taught me, you have been one of the loveliest teachers I have ever had.

 I just got my language result and got an A!  Thank you so much Beth.  Chloe, GCSE home-schooled student, 2017

Thankyou so much for being an amazing tutor! You have helped me lots in English.

Lily, gcse student, 2017

I really appreciated your help in improving my skills and confidence and in enhancing my revision.  i would definitely recommend you to a friend.  GCSE student, 2019

I got a B!!  I had to look twice at the exam paper!  Thank you so so much for being my tutor and helping achieve this result, I've had a great time working with you!

A Level English Language and Literature student, August 2019

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