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Types of Tuition

Private Tuition Tailored to Suit All Ages and Needs

Tuition takes place in a traditional, one-to-one environment, within the tutor's or the student's home. 

Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

I offer qualified, specialist tuition for students with language related learning difficulties, such as Dyslexia. Those with specific learning difficulties may need one or two lessons to identify their particular needs.  This may involve an online test to establish whether the student has dyslexic tendencies.  It may be appropriate for some students - if they have poor phonological awareness - to follow the Sounds-Write reading programme, a phonics-based reading and spelling course.  For more information on Sounds-Write, visit

GCSE English Language and Literature Programmes

 GCSE programmes consist of combinations of the following: essay planning and organisation, paragraph development, examination techniques, literature text revision and basic skills practice.  I currently teach students from Pittville, Bournside, Balcarras, The Crypt and Chosen Hill schools and am familiar with all main syllabuses used, including AQA, Cambridge, OCR, Pearson Edexcel and Eduqas /WJEC.

AS and A Level Programmes

Programmes for AS and A Level students vary widely depending upon the syllabus being followed.  But with my tailored tuition, whether you need help with phonetic transcription or examining the main themes in Othello, help is at hand.

Home-Schooled Students

Choosing to teach children at home can become more demanding when they start to study for examinations. But having taught home-schooled students over the past 4 years, you can be assured that I understand their particular requirements and can respond flexibly.  To help with costs, small groups (up to 4 students) can be accommodated at just £40 per session. For children being home-schooled due to ill-health, a flexible approach to payment for missed lessons is adopted.


For those wishing to sit examinations, research into suitable syllabuses, liaison with centres and the writing of references for access arrangements can be under-taken for a small fee.

Homework Help

Beyond A Level, help can be provided with equivalence examinations and  Professional Skills Literacy Tests for Teacher Training courses. Have a specific query not answered here? Feel free to contact me here:

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